CYSA Mission (Clovis Youth Soccer Association)

CYSA believes in positive development of youth soccer players. We aim to provide the best coaching to our players, so that they develop into their full potential. We strive to create a positive team environment.


Our goal is to promote the advancement of players. We want to players to improve their skills, decision-making, minds and bodies. This is so they can enjoy the game for the rest of their lives. Our philosophy surrounds the individual player. Strong individual skill builds the confidence necessary to excel in match situations. By emphasizing the skill of the individual, positive team results will follow. We emphasize small-sided training for the best development within the team concept. This philosophy creates not only good athletes but also well-rounded individuals.

CYSA provides coaches, players and referees opportunities to enrich their soccer experience. This includes licensing and certification clinics for coaches and referees. It also includes camps and tournaments for players.

Goals and Values

CYSA values the following ideals

  • Good Sportsmanship

  • Courtesy

  • Trustworthiness

  • Loyalty

    1. Respect for teamwork and authority

CYSA recognizes the concerns arising from the emphasis placed on winning in America. We understand the value of winning, but developing a team spirit is more important. We want players to have a competitive attitude and value teamwork. The goal is for each child to take part, develop skills, and enjoy the game. Winning is secondary to development until a player is at a competitive level. This is when winning becomes more of a priority.


Since 2000

Clovis Youth Soccer Association is a volunteer-based soccer organization in Clovis, NM. We have approximately 650 players in the league ranging in age from U4-U14 boys and girls

We play at the fields at 1200 Norris Street. 

Our coaches are trained and our referees are certified. 

If you’d like to become a ref, just sign up for our classes.